Market Experience and Market Memory

Our team has assisted clients during both boom and bust cycles and during the most recent market downturn we continued to not just survive, but to grow.  We appreciate the larger external forces that influence our clients’ decision-making process, and we have the familiarity required in order to react appropriately to shifts in the market and to anticipate future shifts and prepare our clients accordingly.  RBF believes that a balanced approach to real estate investment, involving both long term and short-term strategies for growth, is of the utmost importance in developing a pragmatic course of action.  We are not enchanted by illusory short-term surges or daunted by transitory downturns.

A Network of Trusted Professionals

In addition to our in-house attorneys and support staff, RBF LLP affords its clients with access to an assortment of reliable professionals in industries relevant to their needs.  From architects, contractors and tradesmen to mortgage brokers, private bankers and venture capitalists, RBF LLP has aligned itself with individuals and companies that share our vision of exemplary client service and have demonstrated that commitment through past performance.  While legal considerations may be just one piece of the puzzle, our legal team is a door through which a vast network of resources can be accessed.

RBF has the resources to study and fashion a practical solution for problems faced by our clients.  We understand that litigation is never the solution but just a tool to be employed towards a solution.

If you are interested in working with us, we would happy to meet with you to go over our unique experiences and explain our thoughts on how we can effectively deal with your issues.


Uel Rheem
Uel Rheem Partner
Christine Bell
Christine BellPartner
Richard E. Freeman, III
Richard E. Freeman, IIIPartner


We are at all times conscious that legal matters are but one consideration in the process of achieving a client’s goals.