Real Estate


Our firm recognizes that a successful conveyance of real estate is more than just the mere buying, selling or trading of properties and for our clients, a closing is just the beginning of their legal needs.  Therefore, we strive at all times to comprehend our clients’ long-term objectives, identify decisive steps necessary to achieve such objectives and utilize our numerous resources and contacts in the real estate world to ensure that such objectives are fully and efficiently achieved.  Our background in the conveyance of real estate spans many years and covers the full gamut of real estate properties, from vacant land to commercial properties to high-end residential properties.  Our firm’s guiding philosophy is that every transaction is unique and we tailor our legal counsel accordingly.  Our lean organization structure assures that each client will receive effective and personalized attention from an adept attorney.

Finance and Restructure

It is well known in the real estate industry that a successful transaction requires a carefully structured vehicle and suitable funding.  Whether the necessary financing is a stand-alone or part of a conveyance, negotiating a fair and balanced lending agreement is essential to a successful project.  It is our goal to work with our clients to identify and negotiate the optimal financing opportunity for their projects.  Our firm’s practical knowledge encompasses advising developers, owners and real estate professionals in securing and negotiating financings for their commercial properties, multiple-family dwellings, cooperative corporations, and condominiums.  We negotiate construction loans and permanent financing for new developments.  We aggressively pursues our clients’ needs to ensure that the financing terms will work in concert with the clients’ objectives.


We are actively engaged in advising developers of real estate projects in New York City.  With many years of experience, our attorneys have in-depth knowledge in all of the aspects of project development, including assemblage, structuring and construction.

Our firm negotiates American Institute of Architects agreements for architects, engineers, and contractors.  Our legal knowledge coupled with our thorough understanding of the practical considerations required in all stages of a development project ensures that our clients are properly guided throughout the entire development process.

Leasing and Management

We advise both landlords and tenants in leasing of commercial and office spaces.  We understand that a lease is an important asset to a client. A thorough understanding of lease terms and their practical considerations are often essential to the success of a client’s business.  Our firm has represented clients in the leasing/subleasing of offices, stores, restaurants, warehouses and many other types of facilities.  It is our firm’s belief that a client’s understanding of their business’ operational requirements within a particular spatial configuration must be met through the terms set forth in the leasing document.  Having worked with numerous clients with differing requirements, we have the experience to fully and properly comprehend our clients’ particular needs and ensure that they are properly reflected in the leasing agreement.


Business and Commercial Litigation

Rheem Bell & Freeman, LLP’s general commercial litigation practice advises and represents corporate, partnership and individual clients on a wide variety of matters, including contractual disputes, fraud, and a full range of business torts. Drawing on the knowledge base of our transactional practice, we are uniquely situated to litigate and negotiate disputes that arise during the course of business or as a result of transactions, such as:

  • Complex Commercial Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Tortious Interference
  • Fraudulent Conveyances
  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

While we never shy away from litigating even the most complex commercial disputes, we recognize that avoiding a protracted and costly lawsuit is often in our client’s best interest. In that regard, Rheem Bell & Freeman, LLP emphasizes a goal-oriented, strategic and cost-efficient approach in an effort to get results quickly, avert unnecessary legal expense and avoid court where possible.

Real Property Litigation

Having originated as a real estate transactional firm, Rheem Bell & Freeman, LLP’s lawyers are well-versed and equipped to handle a range of real property disputes, including breach and enforcement of purchase and sale agreements, contractor and construction disputes, landlord/tenant matters, fraudulent deed conveyances and foreclosure matters as well as unique issues that arise from condominium and cooperative ownership.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The relative cost and pace of litigation can make alternative dispute resolution an effective way to resolve a range of legal disputes. Rheem Bell & Freeman, LLP represents its clients in both arbitrations and mediations involving a wide variety of matters, including contract disputes, construction matters and business divorces. We have not only handled matters in the leading arbitration and mediation forums, but have taken advantage of mediation as an effective tool to resolution in the context of pending litigation.


We are at all times conscious that legal matters are but one consideration in the process of achieving a client’s goals.